55 Blogs that Pay Writers $100+ for Guest Posts

by deepika

Make sure to also email them personally once your guest posts go live so either they will appreciate or promote your guest posts. Or they even might give you a chance to publish your guest posts in the future. In any case, it’s a win/win approach that gives you a solid foundation.

Once you send us the article, we will review it and inform you whether we accept it or not. Please check the following articles to see what kind of posts we published in the past. Notice the actionable tips and illustrative screenshots they used. Make sure your pitch falls within our guest post guidelines and then email it over to our blog editor at Your post should be 100% original and unpublished. By following these tips, you can quickly find guest post sites that are relevant to your business.

Additional questions about submitting articles should be sent to If you’re interested, please go through our editorial process and the contributor guidelines below, and fill out our “Writer Application form”. Contribute articles for the SeeResponse community and enhance your reputation as a sales and marketing thought leader. Have great insights and well-crafted content you think would resonate with our audience? You should follow the SEO guidelines and maintain essential word stratification as the company’s guidelines.

Please follow the guidelines if you are going to submit a blog on their site. To submit a guest post submission request please send an email to Here isWrite For Us Magento category which is very much interesting to submit blogs. 100% UNIQUE CONTENT ONLY- We’re ONLY interested in guest content that is100% unique, authentic, and, needless to say, original.

In other words, no back links to home pages, landing pages, or sales pages. Links to blog posts, case studies, surveys, and white papers that support the topic are permitted. We highly recommend you to start with those blogs that you’re already following and reading for a while . You can also use Google to search for guest blogging opportunities. Also, keep your paragraphs to 2 to 3 lines. That way others can easily skim through your content and digest your subject.

I do write a lot of posts on my different sites but “yikes” I just can not get the courage up… I am going to keep reading about guest blogging until I decide to go for it. The single most effective hack to build relationships to land guest posts on other blogs is “start commenting on other blogs”. Argo Swim Video provides tools that help swimmers and coaches.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Write for us blog aims to address readers’ issues and satisfy their needs, and if you achieve in this area, your content will be sure to grab the reader’s attention. The writers are urged to kindly go through the blocks that we have already created and provide the best content that they can, depending on the concerns that have been identified. Submissions may include images that complement the content .

Is a relevant, well-researched post (preferably 1000+ words) with actionable tips. You can include 1 external link to your blog or site within the body of the text, which must be relevant to the content you’re submitting. Delta Pro Hike is always waiting for contributors who have deep knowledge about the content they have. You are allowed to send them proposals at for blog submission and please wait for 24 hours for their revert because they already have so many submission requests. The topic is researched with authenticity and facts, according to the trend. As a result, this article benefits and establishes asset goals for each customer in terms of the services and goods they will provide in the future.

If you’re looking to get started with niche guest posting, be sure to check out our Guide to Niche Guest Posting. Niche guest posting is a term used to describe the act of writing and publishing articles on other websites in order to build backlinks to your own website. The goal of niche guest posting is to get your website ranked higher in search engine results pages , which can in turn lead to more website visitors and potential customers. Do you want to urge your business articles published? Does one consider yourself an expert when it involves making the business online? Does one try to find a sponsorship post online?

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