6 Most Profitable Blog Niches for 2022 Based On Real Data

by deepika

They pay well because they can be lead magnets for your clients. The e-books are free in exchange for prospects’ email addresses. E-book pricing varies widely and can range anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on the client, industry, and the amount of research necessary. While some niches, like travel, have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, other industries are still doing well. People are always looking for ways to manage their money more effectively. In fact, data by Google shows that mobile searches related to financial planning and management have grown by over 70% in the last two years.

But also improve Off page SEO strategies to improve websites ranking in search engine. Most popular search for keyword terms like weight loss, exercise, healthy recipes. When you are writing your articles, include these keywords. Your guest post search queries will most likely turn up unsearchable blogs if you cannot include the keyword in your title. Then your articles will most likely be turned down by the other health or fitness blogs. We’re dedicated to helping freelance writers succeed.

Guest posting is just the right way to increase the search engine authority for your domain name. It improves the backlinks of your blog or website and makes blogging even more happening for you. Along with all these things, we would also like to mention here that it is a guest post and we are not going to pay any amount for it. We would not publish your content if you are our competitor. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. We do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

These editors are looking for strong writers who understand the niches and audience in this space. This holistic and integrative health magazine is interested in anything regarding a progressive healthy lifestyle, from spiritual growth to sustainability and yoga. They rely heavily on freelance contributions, and pay rates vary by topic section within the magazine. You can get paid to write for Eating Well by pitching story ideas on healthy eating and nutrition.

They send the live link as soon as possible because they believe in timeliness. So you can freely send the orders anytime and they will get back to you with the live link of the article. The first website on our list is World Health Advice.

You can easily search and write upon a wide range of topics from the health care niche. Just check out the suggestions we are providing here to get a better idea. Guest posting is the way to expose your work among the leading and well-established bloggers of the world of your niche. Each guest posting has its author profile and that helps people knowing in detail about the writer. A well-written content on different websites can help you in improving the growth of your blog or website in a perfect way. Traffic is one of the major aspects of every online business.

Online course providers, universities, and student loan lenders are a few potential clients that need your writing skills. SaaS is a high-margin business model, so these companies can afford to pay you well. However, the more expertise that is required to write well on a topic, the higher it will pay.


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Articles should focus on training, weight loss, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle habits for women. This magazine’s primary audience is African-American communities across southern California. Get paid to write by pitching article ideas on health and wellness. You can give them useful information on your blog by including a link to your domain name.

After I chose my three niche topics, I created writing samples, and in doing that, I was also looking for ways to market my freelance writing business. Developer Gang is accepting blogs for various categories like health, business, tech, news, entertainment and more. They are waiting for those writers who are experienced in their subject. Note down the email id They have a awesome page forWeb Design Write For Us category. You can write here (portmone.org) Unique & SEO Friendly Article of 700 to 1000 Words Free with Guest posts. Portmone.org tries to publish guest post orders in 24 to 48 hours maximum.

You’ll just need to get a bit creative, especially if it’s your first blog, such as by putting your own twist on popular dishes or sharing innovative recipes. However, if you’re helping people save money and spend responsibly, you may be wondering how you can convince them to make purchases through your blog. The trick is to sell something that can help them make more money in the long run. The FIRE niche is also very popular in 2022 and beyond, with lots of blogs focused on helping people plan and achieve FIRE.

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