Does Sleeping With Wet Hair Cause Dandruff? Sleeping With Wet Hair, Wet Hair, Hair Dandruff

by deepika

Many people sleep with damp hair nightly and experience no side effects, past some extra body and wave to fashion with. However, when you do notice extra of these pesky dandruff flakes or one other pores and skin condition, you may have your offender. If so, remember to shift your shower to the morning slot, or on the very least, embrace your blow dryer.

Only when your hair is tangled badly and you are unable to detangle it, you should use a comb on damp hair. Let your hair dry at least 90 % before brush it very gently. If you’ve dandruff and you’ve recently tried a new hair product, that could very nicely be the cause.

The bacteria and fungus, along with the oils, can transfer onto your face and even lead to a breakout of pimples. Research has shown that your pillow and bedding contain various types of fungi that may trigger a host of problems. When you add to it a heat and moist environment out of your hair, it’s the perfect breeding ground for these fungi. The oils out of your head accumulate in your pillow and may result in an extra enhance of bacteria.

Mold and other micro organism can develop in your pillows, which are not solely a respiratory hazard but may even be a bit smelly. You definitely don’t want orange hair black roots your hair and face resting in that, right? There’s also a small probability that this might lead to fungus on your scalp from moist hair.

Dandruff isn’t brought on by poor hygiene; many of us are allergic to the yeast on our scalp. What we might do is take precautionary measures to help hold a stability. Things like combing your hair, are everyday activities that don’t take up a lot of your time and assist in preserving it under management. If you additionally happen to be just as lazy as I am, likelihood is that you just don’t wait in your hair to dry, and easily snooze away to glory—with wet hair. Try to tie your hair into a free bun through the use of a scrunchie, as leaving damp hair open while sleeping may cause breakage because of friction.

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