Guest Posting and Writing For Us

by deepika

Create a good relationship by linking to your website/original content. Click “Post New Entry” at the top right corner and you may now start writing your piece. Your website should not contain any advertisement pertaining to HYIP products, PTC (paid-to-click), PTS (paid-to-surf) and PTW (paid-to-write) programs. The paragraphs of the content must be kept short of about 3-4 sentences to improve the readability. The content should be relevant now and in the future, that is the content should be evergreen. We allow 1 anchor text link pointing back to your website in the post.

Reviews – Went to a restaurant and absolutely love it? Or, tried a new cooking gadget and think our readers would love it? Reviews can range between restaurants, cafes, bars to food products and kitchen goods. Any kind of plagiarism is not tolerated, thus all submissions will be checked through copyscape for plagiarism. Kindly do plagiarism checks before sending your article. Considering the nature of our business, please select a topic that is about or related to Cooking, Baking, Dinning, Kitchen Gadgets and Lifestyle.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

And content length should be at least 1000 words long. Send us your topic ideas along with some words about you. Apart from articles, you can also send infographics, videos related to kitchen appliances. The content should be unique and must not be published elsewhere online.

We’ve got hundreds of recipes, resources, and travel articles showing you how you can enjoy gluten-free foods while living your best gluten-free life. This is subject to review by a member of the editorial team who will proofread your work and suggest edits. We will not publish your article if it has already been published elsewhere.

There are simple steps on how to submit a guest post. Pro K Tools is a leading online platform for kitchen tools and gadgets. We write about kitchen gadgets, appliances, cookware and tools to review and food-related tips. Your article cannot be reposted on your own blog or on other websites. We create simple, easy-to-follow recipes that are always gluten-free, often dairy-free, and sometimes Paleo.

No articles will be accepted if it is only meant for SEO link-building. If your article doesn’t follow our guidelines, then it will not be published. Please check the topics which are already covered on the websites and come with the new ideas to write for us. You can send your selected topic to us before start writing.

Complete your profile including your bio and profile image. Please note that your profile image is important so make sure that you publish your own picture and not just any image you wanted to add. Your article will not be publish unless you post an image of yourself. Guest posting is no doubt, one of the best marketing regimen you could ever do for your business. A guest post allows you to have a distinctive back link that can boost the search engine ranking of your website.

Guest posts typically run between 800 and 1000 words. What the Food is a podcast about food (who’d have guessed that ey?). We talk about the origins, history and everything in the middle of dishes from all around the world, both popular and obscure. Please make sure this topic is related to food or nutrition, and that we haven’t covered it before. Post your content by filling out the below option. You will be notified via email about the status of your submission.

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