How to Get Featured in Forbes in 2022

by deepika

If you write with the same tone for every piece, it will all start to read the same. Add a link to your blog, or even posts published on other publications. Write some pieces catered specifically for Forbes and add those in, too. A surefire way to do this is to write an article that offers genuine value and knowledge that is not easily available anywhere else. Start by reading various Forbes articles—especially in topics similar to your own—to get a grasp of the tone and content of popular posts.

Follow up, wisely.Send in your pitch, and then wait a week. He doesn’t owe you a position as a contributor. You’re not doing him a favor, he’s doing you a favor by even opening your email. If you don’t receive a response after a week, check the editor’s Twitter to see if he’s posted within the past week. If he seems active and in the office, send a polite follow up by responding to your own email, “Hey, just wanted to make my email didn’t end up in your spam filter, thanks!

There are business councils, agency councils, HR councils, and more. Anyone who has ever had to manage a shared inbox knows how much of a mess it can be, and something the size of Forbes is bound to get thousands of pitches per day, most of which will be pretty poor. The chances of being seen are slim, but it’s still an option. After all, it certainly won’t hurt to play the lotto once or twice. Props to Josh for writing some evergreen content and even creating a paid course based on “just get lucky,” though; good hustle.


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Anyone can publish there, and everyone knows it. Forbes offers a version of the same idea, but then puts a century of history and publishing equity behind it. You can be an open platform people write on for free, and you can be an edited publication with a reputation for quality — but you can’t be both without a cost.

Delivering value for your publication is one of the pieces of this puzzle, but improving the credibility of your own blog is another major reason you’re here in the first place. Editors are extremely busy and naturally receive tons of requests from not only the people they work with, but from existing contributors and other prospective writers . You can share detailed information like exactly how many visitors your blog receives, how large your email list is, and how many followers you have on social media. Now, let’s say you really resonate with the importance of spreading the world about this troubling historical event—and write about similar topics on your own blog too. If you read an article on one of these publications and you like the writer’s style, you can often find ways to connect with them in their bio. First and foremost, start by making a shortlist of contributors who’ve authored any pieces you can presently think of as having actually read in the past .

If you do not get the job the first time, there are other ways to find your way in. Therefore, let failure drive you, not diminish you. Just because your post has thousands of views does not mean that it is perfect. It is the same point when thinking about all the comments you receive on it. Do not give yourself a false impression that you are the perfect writer. Putting your skills on a pedestal leads to mistakes, and nobody likes a shaky foundation.

Your story needs to have a unique angle that hasn’t been talked about before. It’s not enough to simply be newsworthy, you need to have a fresh take on the story. Otherwise, it won’t be interesting enough for Forbes. Let’s face it, whatever you are planning to do has probably been done before, so try your best to take a different approach. Develop your skills and story to the point that news agencies are vying to get it out there. You can approach being published on Forbes in a couple of ways.

As you might expect, this all comes down to networking. Every inside tip and “how to get on Forbes” post I can find says the same thing – you need to be friends with an existing editor to get them to let you contribute to their section. These services are expensive because Forbes is such a high-value site, and writers who contribute to Forbes don’t want to risk their accounts without sufficient compensation. You also might not be able to hire the same writer more than once every few months; they don’t want to be seen promoting the same companies repeatedly. To write and submit a post for TechCrunch, follow these submission guidelines.

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