Leadership: What Are the Characteristics of a Great Leader?

by deepika

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Lackluster leadership causes employee turnover, disengagement, and loss of productivity. Sure, people who display bad leadership traits are generally good people and not inherently trying to cause harm. But, they are often blind to their negative traits. This article from Inc. highlights six signs of bad leadership and how leaders can be more mindful of their actions. Over the last three years, writer David Kruse interviewed more than 200 successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leadership gurus.

There are hundreds of books written about leadership every year. There are also new assessment tools to help with emotional intelligence, personality testing, and leadership certifications. So, there must be some newer ways to become a great leader. 2019 leadership, surprisingly, is actually not too different from leadership twenty years ago. This article takes a look at the leadership development industry and the HBR Leader’s Handbook to highlight six fundamentals of leadership.

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