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by deepika

Take a look around the PetPlace library and you’ll see that our writers have published a lot of content over the years. That doesn’t mean they’ve covered everything. PetPlace is always interested in articles that find novel ways to explore evergreen subjects. Feel free to submit a number of ideas for the editorial team to review. LittleDogTips is now accepting contributions from guest post writers. If you’re a dog blogger, representative for a dog-related company, or just like to write about dogs, you can submit a post with your byline.

You get to choose what two links most important to you. If you have great tips and valuable information to share with our readers to help their pets then we are looking to feature you. Please browse through the blog that we cover.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Authors may or may not be informed of edits prior to publication. YES, I understand that Petful does not publish anything in exchange for links to my site. I don’t care about links, and I’m not trying to promote anything — I’m just a writer who wants to write for Petful and make a little money for it. Or maybe a dog groomer or nutritionist, bereavement counsellor or even a crystal healer?

If you wanna write for us a pet blog, it’s good to have a look at the below-mentioned posts so you have an idea of what we want. It’s not recycled info we can already find online. It’s written conversationally, like you’re talking to an old friend — but it also contains lots of amazing advice and information our readers can learn from.

All small dog breeds are listed on Small Dog Breed List. Your submission must not be published anywhere else and totally unique, we test every submission. Provide the source links for your suggested images. Please read the guidelines below BEFORE contacting us, as your submission may be rejected immediately if it does not comply with them. We highly recommend using our SureFit® Calculator as it ensures the perfect custom fit for your pet. It requires a couple measurements, but only so we can provide your pet with the very best experience.

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