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There are two stops along this 4-mile round-trip to spot wildlife, hike, swim, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Another relaxing day activity as a break from the bright lights of Las Vegas. Like with other OTAs, it’s good practice to consider things like seasonality and the type of activity you offer. Viator is a great source of last-minute bookings to fill capacity that would otherwise be wasted.

However, selling through your own website and direct channels should take priority so keep that in mind when you decide on the number of booking slots you offer on the platform. I do go on a lot of day tours especially when I am traveling solo. Depending on convenience, my choices areViatororGetyourguide. You can go and prebook your tickets before they get sold out.

While many users have had productive interactions with Viator’s customer service department, the majority of negative reviews include a bad customer service experience. Adventure Motorcycle looks for some technical reviews as well as rider profiles, news, bike reviews and event reports, but they also take the odd road trip story. If you’re a motorbike enthusiast, try to get a steady column at Adventure Motorcycle.

They frequently feature travel gear, destinations, lifestyle and more. They will definitely expect you to know their magazine’s tone and mission before applying, so be sure you’re familiar with their writing style. Lifehacker is an enormous website with a massive following. They’re looking for submissions to help the everyday person make life easier, save money faster and live better. They’re not a travel website, but they do have plenty of travel hacks posts and travel-related articles.

I appreciated that we were able to change the day’s itinerary to better suit our needs. Unfortunately, it didn’t foreshadow the more challenging experience we had on our next excursion, which was the full-day boat charter from Split. Set on Puget Sound with stunning views of Mt. Rainier on a clear day and surrounded by beautiful evergreen trees, it is difficult not to fall in love with Emerald City.

They are always looking for submissions and while the base pay isn’t that great, they do offer a $100 prize for the best article every month to give to one writer. Articles should be written from a woman’s point of view and should contain information of particular interest to female travellers. They will definitely accept articles from men if they are appropriate to their audience. 101 Holidays is a UK-based online travel publication and they’re looking for posts about fun holidays for UK citizens. Before submitting, be sure to read some posts on both of their websites (101 Holidays & 101 Honeymoons) and get a feel for their style.


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The good news is you’re not at the mercy of Viator’s cancellation policy here. You can include your own cancellation and refunds terms which will govern the rules of the booking. Even though this was also through the same local operator, Brussels City Tours, I loved this trip. I think the difference was with the guides and I loved the guide on this tour.

Viator seems to be silent on its obligation to inform customers when it cancels a tour. I couldn’t find any language addressing such a scenario in its terms and conditions. So it appears that Viator is denying your request for a refund because you didn’t cancel within 24 hours — which is absurd, of course. In June 2015, a fake restaurant created by a newspaper rose to the top of the site’s rankings in Italy. In May 2021, Tripadvisor faced criticism for allowing an offensive review to be posted about the Auschwitz concentration camp museum in which a visitor described bringing a baby to the gas chambers.

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