Top 15 Feminist Blogs, Websites and Resources You Should Follow in 2022

by deepika

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I felt embarrassed and shaken, and for the rest of the day, I wondered if her impression of me had changed simply because of the shorts I was wearing. Have a story you think would be a good fit for Ms. in print? Pitches should include a detailed description of what a completed article will look and sound like, and an expectation of when it could be ready for review. Submissions of completed work should be prefaced with a short summary of the topic and approach. Once the pitch is accepted, the editor and the writer can decide on a timeline within which to deliver the first draft.

She gathered statements from around twenty people in her department. A meeting is set up in response to her complaint. At that meeting she was described by the head of human resources as “having a chip on her shoulder,” “they treated the submission as an act of arrogance on my part.” A grievance is heard as a grudge, a “we” turned into a me.

The Body Is Not an Apology is a resource to promote, demonstrate, and assist in the development of a global movement toward radical self-love & body empowerment. Feminism and Religion is a global project dedicated to exploring the F-word in religion and the intersection between scholarship, activism, and community in the 21st century. This project was co-founded by Xochitl Alvizo, Cynthia Garrity-Bond, Caroline Kline, and Gina Messina.

I think of the little bird, scratching can be not just an effect on a surface can be the sound of labour. In listen to those who complain, I have had my ear to the door, to hear how complaints are contained is to learn how the institution works, what I call institutional mechanics. We also need to remember that many, even most, of those who repeatedly harass, or bully other people can and do frame complaints against them as motived, malicious or oppressive. They can then position themselves as minoritized by virtue of being the object of a complaint. I recently read an article that listed examples of academics who had been disciplined by universities for “not fitting,” with their regimes.

Their content “profiles lesbian heroes and icons, illuminates trends, and offers a lesbian and woman centered perspective on issues and events.” Payment rate is not indicated, but has been reported to be at 15 cents per word. While most people expect to be reading when they visit a blog, image-heavy content can be very appealing and break up your text-focused posts to keep people’s attention. Depending on the topic of your post, displaying multiple images per page on a single subject can give your audience a better sense of what you are trying to convey. As the name suggests, evergreen articles are composed of content that lasts.

Usually, when we turn up in institutions not built for us, we are told, get back in your own box, go back, go home. We both laughed when she said this, recognising that each other recognised the dynamic. We hear each other in the wear and the tear of the words we share, what it is like to come up against the same thing, over and over again. Working for a feminist university is a project because we are not there yet.

Just because they welcome you it does not mean they expect you to turn up. Perhaps you open the door only to end up in a hostile environment otherwise known as the diversity committee. This woman of colour academic describes, “I was on the equality and diversity group in the university. Whiteness can be just as occupying of spaces when they are designated decolonial, I sometimes call this decolonial whiteness. Earlier I suggested that a feminist ear can be an ear to the past, we hear something we could not admit at the time.

Gender too can be turned into a stranger , framed as an imposition on nature or biological reality . As case in point would be how the group LGB Alliance finds the use of “gender” by Stonewall, for instance, as evidence of a conspiracy to erase sex and with it same-sex attraction. So, if people talk about being attracted to people of the “same gender,” that can then be read as a conspiracy to force lesbians to have sex with trans women (who are really “biological men”). It is hard to imagine that anyone concerned with equality and social justice can take such viewpoints as evidence of anything but bigotry. But they can and do, they even publish newspaper articles based on them. To intervene in something wrong requires noticing it.

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