Want to write about mental health? These publications are looking for pitches

by deepika

With regard to the theme of an article, we like to leave this up to the author to suggest. Perhaps ask yourself ‘what is particularly resonant in my work/life at the moment’ or is there a theme that you feel strongly you’d like to write about, and others to read? This can be a societal/cultural matter, an article that offers really practical guidance on a specific issue, or something you feel needs to be highlighted, for example. Psychreg is a news media company and not a clinical company. Our content does not constitute a medical or psychological consultation. See a certified medical or mental health professional for diagnosis.


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A retired Secret Service agent can illuminate the agency’s problems in ways a news story might miss. A woman living with anxiety disorder can explain her experience in a way even the best statistics will hide. A jailed Ferguson protester and a former police officer can reveal things about the state of police-community relations that reporters will never see. Below is a list of mental health/ psychology blogs that pay per article, as well as details about rates, article length, eligibility, and how to submit. Payment reports indicate that they pay up to $0.09 per word. OC87 Recovery Diaries is an interactive website which features stories on mental health recovery, empowerment and change.

We give money to theatre writers giving them the time and the space to write. You can be a writer who’s only had one play professionally produced, a writer who’s had dozens of successes or a writer who’s somewhere in between – if you’re struggling to pay the bills, then we can help. We only support writers resident in the British Isles.

Or, if you’re looking to pitch to a US or UK publication, then yes, I would look at finding case studies and experts from those countries. Email in your photos and your Instagram handle to and spread the word. Dr. Ciara Kelly, GP, Radio Presenter of Alive and Kicking on Newstalk FM, Irish Independent Columnist, member of the Operation Transformation team and writer of It’s good to talk. Writing for Lust for Life is a privilege.

We are a group of local people in Anytown, and we have recently set up a community group running free sports activities for children in the area. We have information on Budgets for community groups, Constitutions and several information sheets on looking after your group’s money and getting your accounts independently examined. A summary of the project, and how much money you are applying for. If you are writing letters to local businesses to ask for donations, you will also find our information onFundraising from Local Businessesuseful.

This is very easy way to earn money by working from home. By writing blogs and articles you can earn money for writing. I just started writing articles and so looking for some good websites to publish my articles online and hence earn money out of it and also a number of visitors as well. I would like you guys to suggest me to go through some best article publishing sites. There are others, but none pay as good as this one. The support is great and you can call them with any issues.

You may not receive instant payment, but you’ll be a part of a long tradition of touching stories once published. We’re all human and for most of us life isn’t simple. It can sometimes feel like a never ending cascade of troubles and challenges. Dealing with the challenges of mental health can leave us feeling confused and isolated, but knowing that others have experienced these too really helps. Share your experience and what’s helped you along the way. We all need a little hope in our lives.

There’s never been a better time to be a freelancer. But how do you make the leap from writing as a hobby to full time freelancing? The Freelancer’s Year has all the tips and tricks you need to be a successful freelance writer. I appreciate your article, but I’m wondering if there are publications that accept mental health pieces that are not all about recovery and roses and flowers? My pieces are not so much about the healing as they are about the ‘being there in it’. If you want to write about mental health then the opportunities really are endless.

Refinery29 reportedly pays $75 and up for slideshows, articles, and essays on various topics. They also post their needs for specific columns on their guidelines page. We are looking for articles and reviews that inform, entertain, inspire, challenge, engage and empower; promoting self care, mindfulness, wellbeing, positive mental health and engagement with Therapy. We welcome submissions in the form of narrative; explorative articles and blogs; the sharing of experiences and knowledge from a personal or professional perspective.

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