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by deepika

Next week, I’ll be presenting to students ways to use mindfulness to become less stressed about writing. This session will last around 50 minutes, is free for students, and is happening online. We read all submissions and if accepted will contact you within two weeks. If you don’t hear back from us within two weeks that means your submission is not approved by our editors. Start your mindfulness journey today with Headspace. Weave mindfulness into your life to achieve the zen you’re looking for in a chaotic world.

Therapists, educators, and researchers take the lead here!


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Since we’re a non-profit, volunteer-run media organization we can’t pay writers so we’re happy to help you get exposure by adding your biographical information, website and social media links. Note that we only accept links in the bio, so do not put any links in the body of the article. Any links inserted in the body of the article, will be removed.

Thank you for wanting to guest post on Live A Blissful Life. Jmussoto/Picasso One thing that’s struck me about voice-in-writing over the years is how little theory or practice has been develope… May you find that your strokes of pen be so full of feeling and realization. May your worlds be unobstructed by the judgment of society. May your fields of flowers and honey revitalize you and your work in ways that you never could have imagined.

Yet we are no greater or lesser than you as most of us have put our dreams deep inside at one time or another. But our dreams are never truly gone, for they sit somewhere inside of us, always at the ready, prepared for that moment that we reach for them. Here is something little I wrote the other day that I thought to share with you and any that can find inspiration and validity in my words. Usually I write what comes from within me though inspirations of all sorts and my subject matter is broad when covering spiritual and philosophical substance. While the desire to improve is important, it must never involve excess self-criticism.

May your writing bring you the closure that often evades you in your waking life. May your writing forever be a space where you find justice, security, and serenity. May your notebook and Notes app forever be bursting with new ideas and fresh lines. May you find inventive rhymes and may you always stumble upon the perfect words to describe your feelings.

When was the last time you really paid attention to the sound of birds singing outside your window in the morning, or the feeling of warm sand between your toes at the beach? As you start your journaling practice, you’ll find yourself gradually feeling more present not only during your meditation sessions but in your daily life as well. Note – Please attach a short note at the top of your submission, indicating what experience you have with the particular topic your submission relates to. If you have other topics that are of interest to you that you’d like to write about for us, please mention what experience you have on those topics as well. Indicate how many articles or how often you’d like to write for us and whether you’re open to having article topics assigned to you.

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