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by deepika

Do not use promotional words for any service or product in your content. We aim for articles that give valuable information to our readers. We accept original articles that have not been published elsewhere . Please avoid keyword stuffing and do not copy any already published content. Before writing or submitting your post to Outreach Monks, we suggest you read the below-mentioned guideline carefully and abide by them.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Have a topic in mind about Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, Link Building, Social Media, Content Marketing etc? Don’t forget to look at content guidelines before sending your article for editorial review. Ad extensionsare plugins to your PPC management software that let you add special features to your ad. Those features can be submission forms, additional links, and other items that help attract the attention of your target demographic.

An online digital marketing campaign has a number of benefits. It can be relatively low cost, but at the same… Plagiarism Checker – Your content should be 100% unique.

Simultaneously, images should be 800 pixels wide, wherever feasible. Let us transform your sales and marketing team into a lead-capturing, revenue-generating FULL STACK marketing team with training and certifications from DMAS. Share your content and ideas with a variety of new people. If you are not following any of these guidelines, you will not hear from us. The article should be interactive, informative, and engaging.

While that’s not a bad bet, it’s also not a good one. You’re completely at the mercy of Google’s algorithm, and if it doesn’t detect the words that it thinks are relevant, your competitors will stick out more than you. Once article is published, won’t be removed from the site.

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