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by deepika

Once your topic is approved, share the Table of Content, so we get a clear idea of your blog. There’s no commitment – whether you want to write for us regularly or just submit a one off guest post, and we can link to your own blog or social media on your posts. I’ve been doing it all day made $191 but won’t let me cash out. I posted on five different social media sites got no credits or money for. I’m thinking it’s a scam which I’m upset about.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

You can look into other articles to get an idea about the topic. But make sure you don’t copy the words because that will lead to the rejection of your article. The next section of this article will help you know the benefits of writing guest posts on websites. Check out these details in the next section. Sustaining Our World welcomes guest posts and sponsored posts related to sustainability and green living.

We’re not here to write novels; we’re here to inform our readers quickly. We want you to have fun and enjoy this process. As we like to say, young people have the moral authority on environmental issues, and we hope you cherish the opportunity to share your perspective with the world. Do not be afraid to write in a style that is bold, sarcastic, funny, or educational. Don’t be scared to write from the heart and share personal experiences or anecdotes.

If you’d like to be involved get in touch and let us know why you’d love to be involved and, if possible, provide some examples of your work. I generally avoid climate change or pushing any political viewpoints––except, occasionally, my own. Please cite an authoritative source for statistics or other factual claims. The typical post here is at least 800 words. I will not accept anything less than 500 words. Standard these snippets by writing about its origin, innovator, location, production, etc.

We are looking for passionate bloggers to write informative blog articles about zero waste, natural living, mindful consumption, and sustainable gardening. No irrelevant or purely commercial links for SEO purposes will be published. All added hyperlinks in the content submission are subject to editorial review and approval. Writers contributing to the Sustainable Review community are welcome to insert a YouTube video into the article when it is relevant to the content. YouTube videos are a great way to better connect with readers and can improve the quality of a post. We will never publish content without crediting the author, but we do not publish all article submissions.

We will not republish anything that’s been published elsewhere. You will need to attribute data, quotations, and outside content correctly and clearly using relevant references in the article. Try not to overuse easy umbrella terms like climate change, eco-friendly, sustainability, etc. As a writer, it is a good challenge to mix up your vocabulary throughout a piece. Edit yourself ruthlessly, looking for opportunities to reduce your word count without diminishing the quality of your writing.

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