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However, we are open to advertising partnerships and sponsored post partnerships. Welcome to The STRIVE. We have a mission to help our readers live their lives to the fullest. Our aim is to impact over 100 million people, and once we we achieve that, then 100 million more, and then after that….well, you get the picture, our strive is the limit.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Because of this, when you submit your post, also submit the 2-5 word keyword phrase that you are trying to optimize for. That exact phrase should be in your post title, one sub-headline, and in one of the first two paragraphs of your post. Do not over-use the phrase … that’s called keyword stuffing, and for Google, it’s a no-no. We usually do not list the topic which you have written as a guest post that do not match out listed guidelines. So try to avoid topics that are irrelevant and without any useful insights. If possible, please include two high-resolution .jpg photos that are clear, in focus, and are light, bright and cheery.

Unfortunately, because writers are so mind-focused, we often forget how important it is to take care of our bodies until our health brings it to our attention. Many writers struggle with chronic health issues and all too often, those health issues get in the way of our writing. To keep your most important writing tool sharp—you—making time to care for it is key.

Make basic edits to articles (including but not limited to grammar, spelling, subtitles, links and paragraph/sentence structure for the purpose of improving readability). You can submit for consideration an original article , with content based on your personal experiences and/or professional expertise, andwe will review it for potential publication on our site. Given that we are limited on staff to do this review process, it sometimes takes up to 14 days to get back to you. If you haven’t heard anything from us within 14 days, re-contact us at because there might have been a problem with either receiving your work or with the email response. While we can all agree it’s important to take care of ourselves, it’s also incredibly hard to do so on a daily basis when so many others around us need our care and attention.

Or you need to refine your skills to pitch editors and reach out to businesses with a letter of introduction. These are skills you can learn and develop EVEN during a pandemic. EDITS – Any article submitted for publication automatically assumes your approval and consent to editing .

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