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The tone of a blog can be casual and inviting even as the content is informative and driving your marketing and sales goals. One good tip to remember is to write as if you, or the person voicing the blog is speaking. This way, your guests will feel that your blog is talking directly to them. It is a place for them to go, a more insider destination than your main, corporate website.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We cover various exciting subjects like technology, website, software, game, sports, football, marketing promotion, digital marketing, electricity, etc. Our website is primarily focused on hotels and attractions in Jamaica but we have opened up a section related to Travel Tips and Travel Guides. These can be general articles related to anything travel related and related to anywhere in the world. And of course, those traveler interests align perfectly with this’ hotel’s target guest profiles.

There’s a reason people love the word, “wanderlust.” The very meaning of it, “a strong desire to travel” evokes a specific feeling we can all relate to. Thing is, there are a few specific elements that really add up to strong hospitality copywriting. Please see our information on advertising and sponsored posts. We’re really keen to get great travel writers on board who can regularly contribute, whether it’s a new post each quarter, month, fortnight or even each week.

You can include up to 10 photos, videos are welcome too. Every story must be original and should not have been published elsewhere. A church in Santorini with a sea viewYou can submit your unique/original article for consideration. We only respond to those who send what they are going to write along with at least a draft of the article. But, that shouldn’t stop us from providing the best content for every travel experience and journey out there. You must check your article on a grammar-checking tool to avoid any kind of grammatical error.

Find destination, accommodation and travel guides specifically for young and young at heart travelers. These articles aren’t your usual commercial articles crammed with paid endorsements. Real people, either locals or travelers will give you the inside tips on what to do so you step off the plane, train or bus and get straight to the heart of your destination. All published posts will include an author profile with a link to your website for our readers to see more of your work & get in touch with you for freelance opportunities. Most tourists want modern rooms, high-tech amenities, and a natural environment in a hotel where they can enjoy an effortless stay. We update the articles and reviews for hotels near all your favorite attractions, shows, tours, and more so that you get the best deal and services.

Remove the dark side of your mind with the light of knowledge. As you noticed, we don’t have a guest post submission form, cause we try to avoid spammers. Plus the opportunity to get your work seen by thousands of people. The visitors to our website and our social media profiles.

W also knows exactly who their brand is for — and their hotel websites are laser-focused on that ideal customer instead of trying to appeal to the masses. If you’re a marketer in the travel industry you know that half the battle is getting eyeballs on YOUR website, rather than a wholesaler or OTA. Before submitting a post, please be sure to review our terms and conditions. We are experiencing problems in our ticketing and online check-in systems. If you have any problems while doing online check-in, please plan to be at the airport 3 hours before your flight. You can also highlight guests at the hotel with various rich visuals, such as 360-degree views of the hotel.

Due to the recent decline in revenue from advertising and sponsors, we have had to close our paid writers program. 10 Easy Steps to Manage Your Hot…A 15 story hotel, built in just … You are not authorized to post your blog only on your personal/company pages.

Our experts will surely respond to you once they receive your article. They will qualify your content only if you match all the criteria. You must mention your email or phone number while sending your article so that we can reach and respond to your writing.

This is the copy that appears all across your website, including your homepage, ‘about us’ section, the descriptions of your rooms and services, and reviews. It’s crucial that all of this content is consistent and ties into the wider story you are trying to tell about your hotel. Also, we have a big community of active users who will be there to read, like, and share your articles. For the people who are active in the travel domain as a content creator, we have amazing opportunities for them. However, we welcome every interested person who wants to post articles with us.

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