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by deepika

SEO, Digital Marketing,SEO tools, software’s, case studies, and technology. We create authentic & actionable content to help users understand technology better. After you address the comments we’ve made, send back the revised draft. It will be reviewed again and you will be informed if we want to accept it.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Here is the ultimate list of popular blogs across different niches that accept guest posts. Against each blog, I have mentioned its guest blogging guidelines, contact details, its Ahrefs Rank, and Domain Rating . As a buyer, you can get high-quality guest posts and relevant backlinks from over 25,000 publishers.

Get your article promoted on our social media and weekly newsletter. We like relevant, well-researched posts (preferably 600–1200 words) with actionable tips. We are accepting “Tech Write For Us” pitches and focusing highly upon that type of tech related content. The theory is not enough but it’ll be great if you go with a practical approach for your topic or ideas.

Add Fill bio, photo, social links and provide other details as asked on our website. Save details and now you are ready to guest post on our website. To help us look into your interests you can submit a rough draft, a partial draft or a pitch that summarizes what you want to contribute and why it would matter to our readers. Our feedback will be directly proportional to the plenitude of your submission. To ensure that, make sure you add an outline of your article as well.

Content will be matched with our blog guide line, in case of not matched, they will ask you to make changes in article as they suggest you. Your article won’t be published before your approval. One thing you have to remember that 99techpost.com will not accept article if it is already added. If you want to write for us then you would have to follow the following blog guideline.

Any claims you make must be backed by links to research or case studies. Just steer clear of citing our competitors, and using any irrelevant promotional links to websites. We like relevant, well-researched posts (preferably 1300+ words) with actionable tips.

You can write material for us if you believe your piece is powerful and will attract people to our website. Which helps your Guest post article to rank better on SERP. You can follow up below-written topics to share on our website in a proper way also if you have your own topic then you can contact us. With the help of these keywords, you can easily find many free guest posts. One thing you have to remember that TechGeekers.com will not accept an article if it is already added. TechGeekers offers you a one-stop platform to learn and interact with the thriving tech community.

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