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I’m passionate about exploring and writing about Health, technology. I also manage my personal blog where I actively share my thoughts on health, sports, fashion, and technology. Each blog post topic you want to be approved needs a separate form.

It also makes you feel a little more like you’re at play and less like you’re at work. My best-case scenario is to go for a one-hour mostly uphill walk before I sit down at my desk. My kids go on early school buses and during the school year I try to walk straight from their bus stop so as to avoid any excuse-making.


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Before sharing your knowledge or experience do send us your pitch if you want. Always use spotters and any necessary safety equipment when training. It is your duty to inspect all training and safety equipment prior to each use. You will be notified within a few days whether your sponsored content is approved or not.

We’re always on the lookout for new content and we’d love to hear your suggestions! Before you decide to write to us, take a look at some of our previous work to get some ideas and to get a sense of our writing style. We are open for link exchange and sponsored guest posts. The Strength Blog is all about helping people learn how to get stronger, fitter and healthier through quality information. If you would like to write for us, we accept sponsored guest posts, content and links.

It’s very important for us to maintain the quality of the content on the blog. Please read the following if you are interested in contributing to the blog. Please feel free to share any other information as you see fit. Our content team members will check the post over and make some editorial suggestions to consider. Guest posting and being featured on Protein Package is a fantastic way to increase awareness, generate leads, and promote your unique ideas.

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