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by deepika

Otherwise, our editorial team will not publish your blog on our website. Fitndiets.com is eternally open for all guest bloggers if you have a passion for fitness, weight loss, health, beauty. Then you can turn your interests into awell-written,comprehensible articlewith a brilliance of singularity, we would undoubtedly love to hear it from you. As an article writer, there is a good chance you might get your application declined if you do not produce an exceptional article for us. This is because our editorial team will be unable to publish your submission without losing the trust of our readers. To guarantee that you don’t experience any rejection from our end, it’s important to know about and adhere to the writing guidelines we’ve provided above.

The second requirement is that the article must be 800 and more words to be qualified for publishing on our website. If you submit work that is less than this word count or we see that redundant information as fillers is being used to reach the word count then it will be rejected. This requirement is because our readers love long content that answers all their queries. Colleen regularly speaks to writers and other creative groups on a number of topics, including productivity, author platform, self-doubt, taking smart risks, finishing your projects, and more.

Write down any issues you had when writing, and we’ll look into them and get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. We accept posts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will examine and provide you with all of your post’s suggestions in no time. To help you realize the impact your writing can have on others, we’ll be giving you a large audience to share it with.

Please read the following if you are interested in contributing to the blog. Sugar was never considered a healthy ingredient, right? Our content team members will check the post over and make some editorial suggestions to consider. Researchers recommend you treat your weigh-ins as part of your other daily hygiene activities, right up there with brushing your teeth. Tape your graph paper up in the bathroom, or keep track of it on your smartphone or computer, whatever works for you.

By contributing to our site, you’re building a following and making connections that will likely come with future job opportunities. Men believe that since they do not bear children or give birth to children then their bodies remain the same throughout which is not the case. As men age, their bodies change and demand certain modifications in their lifestyle which includes proper diet, regular exercise, and getting themselves checked. With more and more people in the health communities becoming focused on practicing good healthy habits, it’s essential to make sure they’re learning everything they need to know. This calls for an industry that can able to produce accurate and relevant content so that individuals making a change are doing so as safely as possible. That’s why it is important to use subtitles in blog posts so that we can grab the reader’s attention and keep it right up until the end.

Please send us your register email on this email id ” “. Once the post is accepted by FitnDiets, it should not be republished anywhere else. We are regularlylooking for content, whether you are unique to writing or longer experienced. The owners/writers of BasilPark may receive compensation for recommending products or services on this site. If you purchase an item or service after using a link on BasilPark.com, you understand that the owner may receive compensation for this. With that said, we also want our writers to feel able to write in their own voice.

Thus you can write for us in a way more innovative for a joyful and satisfying life that could help people achieve optimum health. We have a unique identity with a touch of modernism and up-to-date issues that are factual and relevant and certifiably legitimate. So if you are great with the health criteria with unique content then your blogs will surely be published here. Our platform aims to be the destination of choice in the digital health world, it is all about informative articles and thoughts to apply. We are looking for great blog content to add value to our page, we know the efforts of folks who pour their heart and emotion into crafting beautiful guest post health content. Therefore, all the health specialists are always welcome and appreciated at Daily Contributors to share their knowledge and experiences to provide useful and valuable posts to our readers.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

All articles should contain actionable health and fitness advice. As part of our series on obesity, we would like to hear from readers with their own experiences of dieting and weight loss. To share your guest post on Weight Loss category, write an outreach email to us on with the subject “Request for Guest Posting on Weight Loss Blog”. For more experienced writers it can be hard to get by without compensation for your hard work, but we hope you all know that you do get compensated in other ways.

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