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by deepika

How would you change it and what would you change it to? The topic could be thing, as long as it’s relatable and interesting. Feel free to turn your mind inside out on the paper.

We are always looking forward to learning and sharing a little more. That is why we want to invite talented content creators to write for us. Our badges will help you get a rank in the top 25+ companies list.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve grown quite an active community around our blog. If you’re a fan of tech related things and would like to write for us, then here are the guidelines to follow. We have an up-and-running website with tons of active monthly users. Our team proactively seeks skilled writers to join our editorial team and share their voices and perspectives with thousands of potential leads online.

More than 3 screenshots of the app with the width of approximately 200px and the height of 350px. We will be allowed to place one link in the post, which points to any website you want. If your article receive comments you will need to reply to those comments.

Please be honest and share with us your thoughts on our publication. Pick a title that best sums up your thoughts and pen down your opinions under it. We’d like to see articles that are dotted with relevant quotes of famous people, words from experts, etc. We like articles that go deeper than the surface.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

You must also include the meta title and description of the article. Access millions of high-resolution, editorial images on Unsplash, or your very own images from your gallery and weave them into your writings. Adding and formatting mathematical equations will not be cumbersome anymore. Effortlessly add intricate mathematical expressions and formulae with LaTex or TeX equations and have them perfectly rendered in your document. We will gladly accept any article related to Tech, Startup, Business, Coding Etc.

Goal volume level should be an average of 10 posts per week. Candidates will typically work within our system for a few weeks, getting the feel of things, and learning whether this is something they want to do. Our culture allows for writers who have jobs, school, and other obligations. As much as some candidates think they have the free time, it’s not uncommon to find that desire outweighs availability. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news and event postings. Posts must be unique and not re-published.

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